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Goo-Goo GaGa Satirical Saga




Why does this naughty lady change shades to hide her sexy almond eyes?  Gaga likes to tease the guys.  Puss-puss their temperatures rise.  Oo-La-La Gaga!

Do you dig Stephani the “skinhead” without a wig?

Goo-Goo Gaga, the controversial pop icon puts on thick long lashes, crazy head pieces and hairdos, wigs with bangs, zipper eye-popping accessories, masks to cover her face and ass, erotic tattoos, powdery eyeshadow, heavy eyeliner, dark eyebrows, glittery long nails, hot and cool shades of lip glow matching unpredictable outrageous smashin’ fashion.  Her “little monsters” love Gaga’s heel-less boots, zippered pumps and exotic clothes.  The lady knows what makes a fabulous sexy show.

Lately the pop star has gone crazy.  What do you think of Stephani the “skinhead” without a wig?  Does she look like a twig?  Is it a plastic cap?  If so, does it match her snatch?

Bitch Goddess

She became a “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” bitch riding his disco stick and rose to fame playing the “LoveGame.”  Then this hot sexpot moved into the “Haus of GaGa” where she took a bath, showed her ass and rolled those googly eyes from side to side.  “Eh Eh” what else can we say Lady Gaga is on her way.

From “Poker Face” to hottie “Paparazzi” Gaga showed us how she can “Just Dance” out of a “Bad Romance” into a trance.

The sensational goo-goo doll is inflatable

Take off Gaga’s clothes from head-to-toe.   Poker-face.  It does all kinds of tricks.   Suck her “t – ts” while she takes a ride on your disco stick.

Snitchin’ Prison Bitches

Then the shady lady hooked up with another crook, Beyonce’ in the erotic video “Telephone.” (Lyrics in Swedish) Sexy Gaga who lands in the can is shown wearing dark butterfly shaped sunglasses and dressed in black and white low cut stripe jail garb with her boobs partially sticking out, then stripped down nude by two female prison guards (one security guard is Ms. Mann from “Scary Movie”) and thrown into a cell that looks like hell.  You can see a blurry view of Gaga’s genitals as she’s only wearing panty hose and a nipple-pastie on one boob as the white-trash guard says, “told you the chick didn’t have a dick.”  (Behind bars is “Alektra Blue” who’s a porn star.)

Hardcore Whores

The next scene shows Gaga dressed in chains wearing sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes as she mingles among some hardcore sleazy slutty dressed inmates in the exercise yard.  One inmate kisses and licks Gaga on the neck.  Unexpectedly a guard calls Gaga over the loudspeaker telling her there’s a telephone call from Beyonce’.

She leaves the yard, enters the jail and removes her dark glasses.  The inmates start fighting, kicking and slapping landing on their asses.  Blonde sexy Gaga has huge powder blue rollers in her hair, heavy makeup, painted ruby lips, black cat shaped eyeliner, white powdery puffy eyeshadow and thick eyebrows.  She’s the cat’s meow.  Then we see her sister, Natali Germanotta.  Gaga picks up the phone and says hello baby I can’t hear a thing, you’re breaking up on me, I’m kinda busy.  She removes her beaded motorcycle jacket and starts dancing down the jail hallway with other inmates in black beaded bras, bikini panties and high heel booties.  Lady Gaga looks great wrapped from head to toe in bright yellow crime scene tape.

Sizzling Gaga is bailed out of jail and meets up with her accomplice Beyonce’ in a yellow pussy van.  The two take off to this diner (taken from the show NCIS) where they plan to poison the patrons and this bad man.  These slick chicks arrive at the home style diner and get ready for some killing cooking.

Gaga in an apron and cool blue telephone baker’s hat is in the kitchen making sandwiches, flippin’ pancakes and whippin’ up a poison mix.  Bitchy Gaga comes out of the kitchen serving the patrons including the bad man tasty poisoned dishes.  The finale shows Gaga and Beyonce’ dancing in dresses and panties made of American-flag shredded denim.

By now all the patrons are dead as Gaga and Beyonce’ get into their pussy van heading to the open highway.  In the ending scene Gaga wearing a leopard-print catsuit is dancing.  The cops are on a massive search for these two murdering jerks.

Goth Dance-Pop

Miss Gaga inspired us with a gothic scene showing this gay Nazi soldier sitting in a chair wearing fishnet stockings and high heels followed by a band of close-cropped floppy black haired military men dancing to the music of “Alejandro” as Gaga relates to Roberto and Fernando.  Ooo-la-la here comes the pistol packin’ hot mama in a black “machine gun bra.”

Gaga walks alongside a coffin in a religious plastic habit with painted ruby lips.  Goo-Goo Gaga is sucking and swallowing black rosary beads.  We see the sexy lady in a horny gay orgy wearing a striking red latex crucifix on her top and crotch bikini.  The choreography is absolutely stunning.

Lyrics vs. Music Video

Perhaps you missed the difference between “Alejandro” lyrics and the new music video.  The song has a Latin (Mexican) beat while the video shows military men in Nazi Germany.  These fantastic song lyrics and music video are not a perfect fit.  What a pity Miss Gaga’s video is silly, but quite thrilling.

Hard-Working Creative Artist

Her “little monster” fans look up to Lady Gaga as a pop goddess.  She’s not only a great entertainer, but a damn hard-working creative artist.

Hurrah “Radio Ga Ga” to “Lady GaGa”

Stephani Joanne Angelina Germanotta born an Aries on March 28, 1986 is the hottest “dickless chick” American recording artist.  The 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Yonkers, New York scored 13 video music awards including an MTV European award on November 7, 2010 for the best artistic act at a live show in Madrid.

Stephani attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan turning out self-composed young ladies where affluent people like Gloria Vanderbilt learn to speak French and have a perfect vocabulary like William Buckley.  As a young child Stephani learned how to play the piano and took up dancing.  She began her career living in an apartment on Stanton Street in NYC while performing at the legendary nightclub “The Bitter End.”

Lady Gaga took her popular stage name from the British rock band Queen’s song “Radio Ga Ga” and rose to fame.

Gaga is an exhibitionist who loves to play the stand-up bass and press her toes on the piano.

GaGa’s “Fame Monster Ball” worldwide concert tour leaves fans screaming for more.

YouTube Views

Lady GaGa is the first artist to surpass other music idols with one billion views on YouTube for her popular videos, “Poker Face” “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance.”

GaGa Lollapalooza

Gaga might have been a loser few years back at Lollapalooza when she earned around $1,000, but now she’s all body and soul at $250,000 raring to go.  Wear a Lady Gagapalooza t-shirt and enjoy the show.  Gaga’s little monster motto “You can be anyone you want to be.  Anything is possible.”

GaGa’s Scoreboard

Gaga a shining star scores two times, one for the most-searched female on “Google” in 2009 and for the most consecutive weeks on the UK top 75 song chart.

Sexy “Twitter” Pussy Queen

Lady Gaga surpassed Britney in 2011 with 12 million following the pussy twitter queen.  Gaga thanks her little monsters.

Brute of a Lawsuit

Gaga says it’s not true and then countersued.  This gal is no fool.  She feels ex-boyfriend had her sign a bad deal.  Lady Gaga asks the court to void the unlawful predatory tactics.  Her ex-boyfriend, Rob Fusari claims Gaga rose to fame when he helped her land a record deal and created the stage name.  Fusari dropped the $30.5 million dollar lawsuit after both agreed to end their legal dispute amicably.  Her attorneys are admitting that Rob Fusari is a Grammy award winning producer and co-writer of the famous Paparazzi along with other songs on Lady Gaga’s debut album, “The Fame.”  Gaga is still into the love game.

Danced into a Bad Romance

This could be “phony-baloney” if it wasn’t from the kosher butcher.  Once again Lady Gaga pranced onto the stage and thrilled us all dressed up in a Franc Fernandez “Bad Romance” music video designer of the grotesque juicy meaty dress with matching hat and shoes looking good enough to eat at the VMAs.  Like a jerk she hands Cher her beef purse.  The showy Goo-Goo Gaga girl picked up one of eight trophies as the best dance music video for “Bad Romance.”  Then Gaga sung a few bars from “Born this Way” on her new upcoming album.  Oh my, there’s a banner that reads “Born this Way” with a unicorn and its outstretched horn tattooed on the side of her left thigh.

Notorious “Eat Me” Sexy Meat Dress

Crazy things make history like Gaga’s notorious ‘eat me” meat dress she wore at the 2011 Grammys in February.  This juicy piece of meat will be on display until February, 2012 at the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in Cleveland, Ohio alongside Lady Gaga’s baby piano and talk of the town Giorgio Armani Prive’ Swarovski sparkling orbit gown.  Gaga joins the famous “Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power.”

“Speechless” Dominatrix

It was a very sad day for Lady Gaga depressed and dressed in a black outfit with strings of pearly beads, wearing five-inch spike heeled boots looking like a dominatrix accompanied by her mother, Cynthia Germanotta and Gaga’s consoling boyfriend, Luc Carl visiting the Lincoln Park, New Jersey nursing home where her grandfather, 88-year-old World War II veteran Joseph Germanotta passed away.  In remembrance of her grandpa who failed to seek treatment for a heart condition, Gaga dedicated and wrote the lyrics to “Speechless.”

GaGa hits #7 “2010″ Forbes’ Magazine list

Lady Gaga hits super stardom as she shot to the 7th spot of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women for “2010″ Forbes’ Magazine list.  The pop superstar makes upwards of $62 million a year with her outrageous outfits and crazy headgear, but some fans say she turns them off because she’s too coarse.

The Cocaine Dame

Cocaine inspired this dame.  Lady Gaga still admits to occasionally taking a drug trip, smoking pot especially when she’s working on lyrics.  Gaga wants her fans to understand they should not follow the same pathway to be great.  Don’t make my mistakes.

Not so fit junk diet

Skinny and sick from a junk diet, Lady Gaga makes sure her costumes fit.  The wealthy superstar does not eat healthy.  Her treats are candy and sweets.  She got extremely ill and was in and out of the hospital.

Gaga from Polaroid to Droid (Designer Power)

Is this the superstar’s future?  She just hooked up with Polaroid as their creative director.  What more can a gal ask for?  Gaga is also on Dr. Dre’s dream team creating neat heartbeats.

Joanne’s Italiano-American Fine Dining

Lady Gaga and her parents frequently stopped at Vince & Eddie’s restaurant living in the vicinity.  Art Smith who was hired as the top chef for Joanne’s cooked for quite a few celebrities like Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.  The eatery on Manhattan’s upper west side opened in 1989.  Since they closed their doors in March 2011 due to financial difficulties Gaga and her parents invested in the restaurant which will be opening in December.  Italian-American fine dining is named after her father’s sister Joanne who died from the dreaded Lupus disease.

No cheers for “Bad Romance” as Song or Record of the Year

Gaga is rubbed the wrong way after “Bad Romance” is snubbed by Grammys in all top categories.  She  topped Justin Bieber with one billion views of the video on YouTube.  Gaga’s name rose to fame.  Grammys nominated and acclaimed Lady Gaga as the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Artist.

Eight is Great! Tussaud’s Worldwide Wax Attack

The popular pop star worked hard to get into Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum from London to New York to Hollywood to outrageous Vegas to Berlin, Shanghai and on to Hong Kong.  There are now eight different spectacular worldwide replicas of her wax figure.

Gaga cheers “DADT” for gay equality

This is the year for Lady Gaga and other celebrities to cheer. Everybody is twittering, including President Obama that the Senate finally repealed DADT known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.  One step closer for gay equality.

“Hello, Hello” Gaga’s on a roll

Lady Gaga’s new song “Hello, Hello” coming to theatres on  February 11, 2011 will be one of the soundtracks for Disney’s animated movie Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D.

Showy GaGa on “Vogue”

Showy flirty sexy dirty GaGa is on the cover of “Vogue.”  Lady Gaga looks like a slim pink-haired mannequin.  From English to speaking perfect French Goo-Goo GaGa never refrains giving her monster fans outrageous weird costume entertainment.

Bold in Vogue

Lady Gaga comes out with bold remarks in Vogue.  Gaga says she’s the greatest singer, songwriter and costume designer.  By far her self-image surpasses the talents of any pop star like Madonna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Beyonce’ and Rihanna.  Strange as it seems Britney just complimented Gaga’s stardom.  We all know Lady Gaga is talented and smart, but she did make some dumb remarks.

Gaga’s “2011″ Egg Grammy Drama

From meathead to egghead Lady Gaga hatches out of an egg onto the stage singing her new song “Born this Way” dedicated to the gay community.  Cheers to Gaga for receiving three trophies for “The Fame Monster” as Best Pop Vocal Album, “Bad Romance” for Best Female Pop Performance and Best Short Music Video even though “Fame Monster” did not win album of the year.

Disturbed by the “R” Word?

Lady Gaga got very upset but tried to be lighthearted when she used the word “retarded” responding to some mean allegations that her song “Born this Way” was a takeoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”  Why would Gaga a brilliant songwriter with a wealth of music and lyrics she’s written want to copy from somebody?  Should this smart lady apologize for her “retard” remark?

Accept me “Baby I Was Born this Way” out in May

Gaga debuted a remix for her creative director Nicola Formichetti in a short film at the Mugler Fashion Show in Gay Paree.  The song will be on Gaga’s new album, “Born this Way” to be released in May.  In her video Gaga pops out of a shell born into a new human race that does not bear prejudice only justice.  Gaga’s single had an early release in 23 countries topping #1 selling one million copies.  Download the song on itunes and a portion of the proceeds will go to an anti-bullying charity.  “Born this Way” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Gaga and Starbucks Confection Connection

Starbucks plans new marketing strategy for gaining younger customers and Gaga wants to expand her brand.  The two landed a deal where Starbucks hosts a Gaga scavenger hunt on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.  The top prize winner gets special access to the pop star’s concert during her 2012 World Tour.  U.S. customers will be able to see Gaga’s new album and CD release “Born this Way” including downloading her new song “Edge of Glory” by watching an exclusive video from any Starbucks in-store network while tasting a cup of their favorite coffee.

“Edge of Glory” Story

Wanna know the real story about “Edge of Glory?”  Why is the building and streets empty?  Tempting video shows Gaga who actually lives in this apartment building dancing on fire escapes and on the streets.  People thought she looked and acted creepy with her crazy get-up and weird hairdo they moved.  This is the screwy “Edge of Glory” story.

Rah! Rah! Little Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga who was having a really bad day was sent a “You Tube” video of this little girl singing “Born this Way.”  Gaga who was so overwhelmed with tears in her eyes called Toronto’s Virgin Radio the next day.  This sweet petite 10-year-old girl named Maria Argon from Winnepeg who can sing and play the piano pretty well for her age sang “Born this Way” that went viral with over 5.7 views in just two days on “You Tube.”  Lady Gaga complimented Maria who was not only excited, but invited to sing with the superstar when she performs at the upcoming “Monster Ball” tour in Toronto.

Hey, it’s okay to “Perform this Way?”

Hey! Weird Al Yankovic were you “Born this Way?”  After Lady Gaga nearly had a fit she finally lets Yankovic hilarious “Perform this Way” do his crazy skit on “Born this Way.”  Yankovic pops out of a pink egg on stage clean-shaved superimposed as a woman in Gaga clothes.  Dressed in wild costumes, pancake makeup, changing wigs and headgear while dancing and singing Weird Al makes sure to hide his doohickey.

Yoga & Whiskey keeps Gaga Frisky

Gaga’s creativity comes from a daily diet fix of Yoga and Whiskey besides a lot of other stuff not to mess up.

Luc Carl’s new book, “The Drunk Diet”

Her boyfriend, Luc Carl a Manhattan bartender tells us how he lost 40 pounds in his new book coming out in 2012 published by Martin Press, “The Drunk Diet.”

Nude Scene in Purple Magazine

Gaga is raw hiding her nips on a skateboard.  The broad with class has a cute ass.

Emimem attracts more fans than Jackson and Rah! Rah! Gaga

Rapper Emimen attracts more fans on Facebook than Michael Jackson and Rah! Rah! Gaga.

Gaga Departs Target

Choreographer, Laurieann Gibson who creates Goo-Goo’s moves says Target will no longer market Gaga’s “Born this Way” album as her deal with Target was contingent upon changing their “anti-gay” position.  Target says it fights for gay rights.

Smarty Adam Lambert gets kicked out of Gaga’s birthday party

Smarty pants Adam Lambert gets kicked out of Gaga’s birthday party for being rowdy.  He wasn’t officially invited, but came along with the “Scissors Sisters.”

High-Heel Shoe Blues

Lady Gaga falls in Houston concert hall while leaping from a piano that burst into flames.  Nothing stopped this brave dame who lives for fame.  Her little monsters were surprised when Gaga continued singing “You and I.”

Monster Mother Elton John’s son Godmother

In mid-April, 64-year-old Elton John and his partner48-year-old David Furnish confirmed that Lady Gaga Monster Mother is the godmother to their4-month old son Zachary.  Elton and David have agreed that Gaga would be a good person to guide Zachary ’cause she knows everything about the music industry.

Lady (Gaga) Mary Magdalene wins over church controversy

Gaga plays Mary Magdalene in a “Judas” music video who she says God sent her the lyrics.  Lady Gaga says she is a religious person who would never hurt the church.  So why does “Judas” video show Gaga as a Mary Magdalene biker chick in a motorcycle brigade looking to get laid?

Gaga’s “Born this Way” to be performed on Glee

On April 26th, the cast of Glee will be performing a 90-minute episode paying tribute to Lady Gaga’s Monster hit song, Baby you were “Born this Way.”

Gaga’s School Bullying Blues

Gaga admits she was bullied in high school when she attended Convent of the Sacred Heart in NYC.  At that time in her life she didn’t know what to do when some classmates hanging around with boys outside a pizzeria threw her into a trash can.  Everybody began laughing, but the affected teenager never cried or told her parents how she was bullied because it was quite embarrassing.  She really couldn’t understand until Gaga got to know her fans and see similar struggles that made her a greater songwriter changing the pop star’s life for the better.

Wild “Bizarre” Style

Lady Monster Gaga and her wild style is on the May cover summer fashion issue of “Bazaar.”  Read all about Gaga’s sexy moves and views.  The story of fame and glory.  You certainly can get hooked on her actions and looks.  She has a heart of gold creating wristband bracelets benefiting the people of Japan’s tsunami and earthquake.  Speaking of plastic surgery, Lady Gaga values her hottie body.  Goo-Goo Gaga loves playing the piano whether sitting down or falling to the ground.

Gaga on Time Magazine World’s Top 100 Influential People

Lady Gaga hits the May 2011 issue of Time Magazine’s cover for the world’s most 100 influential people as a top pop performance artist.  Audiences crave her creativity, new musical vision and exciting passion for fashion.  Females and males of all ages are attracted to her presence on stage.  Gaga makes pop culture inspirational.

Gaga’s farewell song to Talk Show Queen Bee Oprah Winfrey

Gaga sings farewell song sitting at a keyboard that looks like an oversized golden shoe with a tribute to Talk Show Queen Bee Oprah Winfrey, a cultural icon revered by millions of devoted fans over the past 25 years.  Through sweat and tears she’s overcome her fears.  Oprah tells Gaga the superstar how she’s encouraged people to feel comfortable being born the way they are.

Gaga mentors “American Idol” top performers with penis shoes

You never know what you’re gonna get when Lady Gaga is on the set.  Gaga certainly never disappoints anybody.  Creativity is the name of American Idol’s game.  Gaga gave them all advice on how to sing, move and get into the groove while she was wearing shocking lucite penis high heel shoes.  The producers of the popular show say they never knew about Gaga’s sexy getup and tried to hide her shoes with the “American Idol” logo.  From Haley to Lauren to Scotty to James, they were all looking for fame.  At the end of their performance Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler praised the top four as the fans roared for more.  The “American Idol” title went to country singer, Scotty McCreery.

SNL Season Comedy Finale

How great can it get when there’s nothing but the best of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg in a “Three-Way” skit on SNL’s comedy finale.  The audience got a kick when Gaga came on stage wearing a slick black latex pregnancy outfit bearing a big belly singing “Born this Way.”  Some people thought it was revolting, but Gaga is just promoting her artistic outrageous expression.  The song made a total of $1.1 million in sales for the popular Gaga.  Then the shady lady got into the mix with her new hit “Judas.”  This biblical baby brought in a lot of gravy for Lady Gaga.

Google Chrome ad the latest “Little Monsters” Fad

Gaga doesn’t have to holler to get her “Little Monsters.”  She just ran a Google Chrome ad that they could download “Born this Way” for under a dollar.

2011 MTV VMAs for “Born this Way”

Gaga in manly clothes dressed as “Jo Calderone” was praised as she won  two VMAs for Best Video with a Message and Best Female Video for “Born this Way” once again saying how she was inspired by her Little Monsters.  Lady Gaga thanked her fans for supporting Jo (Joe) Calderone for she couldn’t have done it on her own.  Doesn’t matter who you are whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, hey baby you were “Born this Way.”

Lady Gaga’s Marilyn Monroe at Hollywood Bowl

Lady Gaga puts on a spectacular tribute concert show for Bill, Hillary and daughter Chelsea celebrating former “President Bill Clinton’s 65th Birthday and Tenth Anniversary of William Jefferson Clinton Foundation” at the Hollywood Bowl all dressed up like a ho playing Marilyn Monroe.  Then Gaga got “saxy” with Bill dancing to the horny tune Edge of Glory.  It wasn’t long before Gaga got into a trance for a “Bill Romance.”

Gaga’s former Nifty East Side Rental Apartment for $1850

Who’s the lucky Monster?  Just think of the life you can live decorating Lady Gaga’s former nifty East Side rental apartment for a mere $1850 monthly.

Lady Gaga’s “peek-a-boo” Photos

Little Monsters are in luck as Lady Gaga’s 350 peek-a-boo coffee table photo book is now available for only $50.00 bucks.  Your dream come true by photographer, Terry Richardson for behind-the-scenes near nudity.

It’s a very Gaga Special Thanksgiving with all the trimmings

It’s not because the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock that Gaga decided to do a Thanksgiving special televised on ABC with family, friends and trimmings.  Gaga wanted to show the Monster fans some lickin’ Italian-style Thanksgiving dishes and serenade everyone with her fabulous lyrics adding a few new lines to “White Christmas.”  She also did a duet singing “The Lady is a Tramp” with Tony Bennett.  Then she sang wrong or right I’m gonna live my life and “Marry the Night” whether a loser, winner or sinner.  The lady’s choreography and exotic hairdos were stunning and overwhelming.  Gaga sang “Born this Way” announcing her foundation for anti-bullying.  At the end of a dramatic evening she sat down with Katie Couric for an interview where she was caught by surprise when her private Catholic High School teacher from Manhattan’s “Convent of the Sacred Heart” walked into the room.  Tears rolled down Gaga’s eyes when she discussed her father and late grandpa which inspired her to write the lyrics of a love story “Edge of Glory.”

Barney’s Hot Gaga “2011″ Santa Workshop

Lady Gaga loves to play with balls, but this time she’s painting the walls for a window display at Barney’s New York Luxury Department Store giving lots of holiday cheer this Christmas with her hot iconic “Gaga Workshop.”  A wonderland of entertainment for monster fans.  Displayed creative artwork on shopping bags printed with a merry ho-ho of Gaga-Barney’s logo.  There will be a variety of exclusive designer small gift items available for customers.  The phenomenal Lady Gaga is donating 25% of the sales to her favorite charity.

What will Gaga wear for “2012″ celebration in Times Square?

We all know Gaga loves to pull balls so now she’ll get the chance as a main attraction for “2012″ celebration in Times Square wearing a sexy silvery dress and jeweled mask dancing with New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg while confetti flies through the air and millions of people shout “Happy New Year.”

“Monster Pit” Born this Way General Admission Tickets

Gaga’s new bit is a “Monster Pit” general admission only ticket (not more expensive) no dress requirement code for seats within central area of the stage to see Born this Way.  Haus of Gaga treat for “Little Monster” fans arriving first and hung around all night to come back stage and meet me.

Oo-La-La Eau de GaGa “Monster”

In the Spring of “2012″ Coty Cosmetics will be launching a brand new GaGa “Monster” perfume.  Her “little monsters” can’t wait to hit the stores and sample a spritz.

East Asia not okay with “Born this Way”

East Asia does not favor Gaga flavor.  Conservative South Koreans are holding group prayers protesting Gaga’s “Born this Way Ball Global Tour” accusing the American pop star of supporting homosexuality and pornography.  South Koreans under eighteen have been restricted from attending concert containing “lewd lyrics.”  The two-hour show is canceled after receiving threats from Islamic Defenders Front about Gaga’s sexy clothes and sultry dance moves that would corrupt the morals of its youth population in the Muslim country.

Lady Gaga hit in the noggin

Lady Gaga accidentally got hit in the noggin with a metal pole by her backup dancer on stage in New Zealand for world concert tour.  She had a concussion, but amazingly finished the show performing “Born this Way.”  Gaga has been snoozing hopin’ to heal her bruise.

Alice Cooper Metal Trooper

Alice Cooper Metal Trooper was praised by Lady Gaga who loved his performance of “Born this Way.”  Gaga showed her appreciation by tweeting Cooper raving about the metal rendition.

Sexy Game of Fame

Nude sexy Gaga doesn’t mind tiny men crawling all over her pussy, titties and behind.  Lady Gaga is advertising her new “floral and fruity” fragrance eau de parfum for her Little Monsters hitting department stores in September.

Gaga Doll Drama

Lady Gaga being sued for $10 million by Bratz Dolls for not cooperating with the toymaker company.  A special Gaga dolly was supposed to be released now claims “bad faith” damages by the singer.

Stop in the name of nude “ARTPOP”

Her Little Monsters can hardly wait for Lady Gaga’s new album “ARTPOP” coming out in September on an iphone and ipad app which will definitely be eye-popping as she’s likes the idea of getting naked recording.

Slutty Game of Fame

Smelling like a slut can make Gaga lots of bucks.  This is Gaga’s new Fame perfume.  The megastar wants to be different from other celebrities who license their names on products, but Gaga gets involved in making and processing the actual tinted black liquid.  Gaga doesn’t think ladies need to smell interesting, but smell slutty.  Like after a long day they need their husband to say you make me feel sexy.  The slutty game of fame.

Gaga’s Cherub Tattoo debut for Fame Perfume

Monster fans and celebrities got a thrill watching Gaga “dressed to kill” taking off a sparkling top, black skirt and red wig appearing in lingerie with a thong getting a cherub tattoo in back of her shaved head inside a giant transparent bottle for debut of Fame perfume.

Gaga’s Fashionista Sister

Gaga’s little sister 20-year-old Natali Germonatta is a fashionista.  She’s made her fashion debut and is a student at Parsons The New School for Design.  Natali posed for digital fashion website wearing Alaia, J Mendel and Proenza Schouler designer lines of popular clothing.  Pretty Natali who very rarely steps out into the public eye was seen posing with some friends in her family’s New York City Italian eatery “Joanne Trattoria.”

My Darling Tony

Mother Monster hooking up with legendary crooner Tony Bennett on a jazz album including swinging band which was popular in the 1930s.

Gaga cancels “Born this Way” concert tour

Lady Gaga cancels “Born this Way” tour due to concert injury.  For fans who had tickets to remaining shows Gaga gave $30 million in refunds.  The singer complaining of chronic pain went through testing which showed she had a tear in her right hip is now undergoing surgery.  Alex “A-rod” Rodriquez the Yankees third baseman shares the same injury and surgeon gave Gaga a pep talk when they met at doctor’s office.  Monster fans are wishing her a speedy recovery.  Gaga is sitting pretty in a designer wheelchair.

Lady Gaga Pistol Packin’ Mama

Lady Gaga pistol packin’ mama plays Lady Chameleon in “Machete Kills.”  The femme fatale gal a sex bomb who knows how to turn the men on.

Allen West Not Impressed

Former Florida Republican Representative Allen West was not impressed with Gaga’s singing “Home of the Gay” instead of “Home of the Brave.”  After having served for 22 years in the Army alongside very brave men and women, I find her defiling our National Anthem reprehensible.  Quite frankly Mr. West Lady Gaga was just on stage trying to do her best as an entertainer.   Don’t think she meant to disrespect brave men and women who put their lives on the line fighting for our country night and day.

Lana Del Rey hits Gaga with Lotta Shit

Lana Del Rey has a lot to say about Lady Gaga as she throws the shit at Monster Mother in her new song “So Legit.”  Stefani you suck even though you’re making big bucks!  Honey you’re not funny.  Why is everybody going Gaga crazy?  How the f**k is your song in a Coke commercial?  Your taste was once exquisite.  Gaga’s “Little Monsters” strike back at Del Rey on Facebook and Twitter.

More Applause!

She wants more and more applause.  We adore the girl next store.  Don’t just pause, applause, applause for V Magazine’s x-rated pics of Gaga’s breasts and erect nips!

Lady Gaga poses in Latex Clothes

Gaga doesn’t need to pose in latex clothes.  All she needs is a hose!

Gaga to sing in outerspace 2015

Lady Gaga will prepare her vocal chords in outer space 2015 aboard Virgin Galactic shuttle.  Is this Gaga’s dream to serenade earthlings while orbiting the atmosphere?

Lady Gaga sings on Thanksgiving with Felted Muffets

Gaga pulls some strings on Thanksgiving singing with the felted Muffets and Elton John.  Joining the holiday show were special guests Kristen Bell and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Japanese company manufacturing sexy Gaga dollies

More applause for Japanese company making sexy Gaga dollies.  Will mommies allow their kids to play with these dollies?

‘G.U.Y.’ Eyepopping Greek-like Religious Ceremony

Miss Gaga plays a Greek-like goddess in this new 12-minute music video.  She drags her wounded body to Heart Castle in some type of ancient water-dancing religious ceremony which Bravo’s Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills preside over while Gaga resurrects Michael Jackson who is recreated in Legos.

Gaga poses with just red roses

Gaga greets her “Little Monsters” arriving in a yellow cab trimmed with red roses as she poses in a birthday suit with a rose wig and pink red-laced platform shoes celebrating “28″ years on this earth performing at a NYC concert on the closing of famous Roseland Ballroom.

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