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The Golden Age of Yesteryear (Memory Lane) good old times rhymed

The Golden Age of Yesteryear

Gone are the days when you sat around listening to the old-fashioned radio tuning the stations to hear your favorite shows, The Shadow, Just Plain Bill, the Romance of Helen Trent while spending time with your best friend.

This was a 45-minute program, the school lunch break where you sat down and ate at your friend’s home munching on spaghetti and ketchup, her mom’s special snack.  Then you rushed back to school opened those big iron doors, crossed the massive lobby floor and raced up the spiral staircase hoping you weren’t late. There was the teacher handing out the daily task to the class.

Gone are the days when you sat around listening to the old-fashioned radio tuning the stations to hear your favorite shows.

Now let’s get back to other historical facts, happenings that set the stage for the coming of a new age. At the turn of the 19th century inventor Thomas Alva Edison’s ediphone was designed to be a dictating machine for office use, but it was the phonograph that let the music loose. The Victrola with its 78 rpms on 12-inch records was the beginning of a new trend. Then came the nifty rockin’ fifties coin-operated juke box craze which started the rage of Rhythm and Soul, Country, Doo-Wop and Rock ‘n Roll.

Gone are the days when you sat around listening to the phonograph, victrola and juke box play.  The golden age of yesteryear.  Little did we know those memories would be so dear.

© Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

Memory Lane

All Rights Reserved

(Information researched and rhymed on the good old times)

If you want to read about the next new craze “black and white boob-tube days,” children’s first TV show, “It’s Howdy Doody Time” and “Milton Berle, Mr. Television” then purchase the rest of this rhyming piece for a wonderful treat down memory lane as Francke takes you back to the good old days, the golden age of the nifty 40s and 50s.

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The Good Old Days (Memory Lane) good old times rhymed



Whatever happened to those good old school days when no one disobeyed? Guys had a hairdo like a pompadour. They wanted to score. Girls wore their hair in braids. Everyone hoped to get good grades. We went to assembly and said “The Lord’s Prayer.”   Elementary pupils knew God was everywhere.

Teachers made you wear a wide collar “middie” blouse with a blue silk tie, navy blue skirt, a uniform worn on special assembly days where we all stood up tall and pledged allegiance to the flag for which it stands “One Nation under God” with liberty and justice for all.

© Copyright 2008

Lyrics created by (Francke) the Yankee

Memory Lane

All Rights Reserved

(Historical information researched and rhymed on the good old times)

Let’s take a walk back in time when Henry Hudson, a great explorer, sailed out of Amsterdam across the ocean blue in a ship named the “Half Moon” with an English and Dutch crew.  If they only knew this jewel of an island would grow into a magnificent pretty New York City.

Purchase the rest of this piece for a wonderful treat – Walk down the streets of old New York.

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